We will send you via postal offices FREE envelope to your mailbox for sending phones to us in a safe way. In one envelope on average can fit up to 6 mobile phones. Envelope has to be brought to the nearest post box or post office in Estonia or Finland, or to Omniva parcel terminal in Latvia or Lithuania.

To send envelope from Latvia or Lithuania, you must follow simple instructions:
We will send you FREE envelope for sending phones to your mailbox's address which you have provided in your application form. With this envelope you will be able to safely send us your old phones. We will also send you SMS message with Omniva code, which you will have to use at Omniva parcel terminal. In one envelope you can fit up to 6 mobiles. Envelope with phones and contract must be brought to the nearest Omniva parcel terminal.

To send successfully phones from Lithuania to us, please follow 5 simple steps:
1) While we prepare envelope for you, you will receive SMS notification with unique Omniva code
2) Go to the nearest Omniva parcel terminal with your prepared envelope and use your unique code from SMS at Omniva parcel terminal. Choose Prepaid parcel and ""S"" size parcel.
3) Terminal will print out sticker for you with Bar code
4) Put this sticker on your envelope (it will be marked on envelope or just put it over your address on terminal) and scan the Bar Code as the terminal requires it before inserting envelope in terminal box.
5) Finally, insert package in the box with opened door. And then just close the door and approve it.

NB! Make sure to leave correct home address in registration form, othewise you will not receive envelope in your mailbox from post.
NB2! Be patient and wait until you receive our envelope in your mailbox and do not send us your old devices without contract and our special envelope.

Yes. We can buy also faulty phones, for those we pay 65% (faulty), for faulty display we pay 25%, and for no power phones we pay 10% (cannot be turned on) from the price indicated in the home page. Exceptions are phones which are irreparable. Those phones we will accept and recycle according to the rules, but we are not able to offer compensation for these units.

Choose from Menu "Find your phone" and look manufacturer of your device and try to find your phone by picture or name. If you cannot find it, please contact us and name your manufacturer and model, and describe its condition. We will definitely give you an offer.

We buy all kinds of mobile phones no matter their age or condition. Our home page shows more than 1800 different models. We hope you will find yours among them.

We will delete all data that is remaining in the phone before it is used further. Save all of your important information you have before sending your phone to us, because once we receive the phone, you will not be able to retrieve this data.

Working phone is complete and without any physical faults, and in working condition with battery. Faulty phone has some faults, for instance, no battery, but it is working with our test battery, physical damage, cracked glass/screen, lost parts, broken buttons or switch, broken camera, keyboard, speaker, microphone, damaged SIM-card reader or charging socket. Phone cannot be repaired if it has damaged motherboard (PCB), damaged structure (i.e. broken apart) or we found out it has been stolen (blocked IMEI code).

We will send you payment confirmation to your email as soon as it is done. It will contain price of the mobile phones and conditions.

It is completely fine if you send out only your phone with battery.

We will pay you within 48 hours after phone is tested, but usually we pay on the same day. We use Swedbank services, therefore payments to other banks might reach only on the next day.

We are covering shipping costs, meaning, that you can send your phone to us for FREE.

We pay only for models that are from original manufacturers. All received fake mobile phones are destroyed and we do not pay for them. Some popular copies are Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6/S7, HTC One series and Apple iPhone models.

Yes. According to the terms, we recommerce also other equipment, for instance, headphones, cables etc. NB! We do not pay extra for these accessories/equipment

Mobile phone price is directly depending on manufacturer, model and condition. Prices showed in our home page are depending on the demand of the particular mobile phone worldwide.

Manufacturer of the phone usually can be seen right on the device, in front or back side. Model name can be usually found on IMEI sticker, which can be found under the battery, or from the system.

It can be that mobile phone which is in good working condition, i.e. Nokia 6100, has no compensation. It is mainly because it has so low market value, that it cannot cover the costs of its further management according to the terms.

Yes. We accept all mobile phones. In case they are no value, we will then proceed them for recycling according to the terms.

In one envelope you can put usually 6 mobiles phones. You can always order more envelopes. In case you have more than 20 mobile phones, please contact us and we will send you a bigger package where to collect your mobiles.

Yes. SIM/PIN/PUK key codes do not affect mobile phone value.

No. Phones that are blocked by mobile operator do not affect the price.