How this service works?

Order a FREE return envelope from our website

Use the search tool on the home page in order to find your device and to determine it’s value. Submit your contact information and wait a few days. We will send you a pre-paid return envelope with a recycling contract.

Send us your devices using postal services or Omniva

You will receive a free envelope for sending mobile phones to us in a safe way. One envelope can fit up to 6 mobile phones. Envelope with a signed contract and mobile phones must be brought to the nearest post box or post office in Estonia or Finland, or to Omniva parcel terminal in Latvia or Lithuania. For more information see FAQ.

Receive the payment directly to your bank account

The payment for your phones will be transfered to your bank account within a couple of business days after the phone evaluation has been completed by our experts. When making the payment, we will send you a payment confirmation to your email address.