General Terms and Conditions

These contract terms and conditions shall apply to the redemption of mobile phones, tablet computers and iPods within the system and to trading in the devices in the manner described below.
1. Details of purchaser
The operating name of the purchaser is Redeem Nordics OÜ (reg. no. 11956374). The company markets itself under the name Redeem Nordics OÜ and on the website. Redeem Nordics OÜ purchases and collects, via a variety of marketing channels, mobile phones, tablet computers and iPods.
In accepting the terms and conditions of the redemption contract the Client confirms that they have reviewed the terms and conditions of the contract and the information on the website.
2. Definitions
"Client" means the party who enters into a contract to sell goods to Redeem Nordics OÜ, receives the amount obtained for the goods and owns the mobile phones, tablet computers or iPods that are sold to Redeem Nordics OÜ.
"Redemption Contract" means the contract that the Client fills in and submits to Redeem Nordics OÜ along with the mobile phones, tablet computers or iPods. The Redemption Contract sets out the rights and obligations of the parties arising from the contract between the parties, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
"Redemption Package" means the Redemption Contract and padded returns envelope.
"Mobile phone" means mobile phones, tablet computers and iPods.
3. Mobile phones
The amount of compensation payable to clients for mobile phones is influenced by the make and model of the mobile phone and its condition. Based on their condition, mobile phones are divided into five price classes: ‘working’, ‘faulty’, ‘faulty display’, ‘no power’ and ‘unfit for repair’. The full price shown on the website is paid for a working mobile phone; 65% of the full price is paid for a faulty mobile phone; 25% of the price is paid for a mobile phone with a broken screen; 10% of the price is paid for a mobile phone that will not start; and nothing is paid for a mobile phone that is unfit for repair or blocked (with an iCloud Activation lock, Checkmend, Google/Samsung Account or My Xperia Theft Protection or on the mobile operator blacklist).
Working: complete (with battery), fully functional and with no physical damage
  • No battery, but starts when a test battery is used
  • Physical damage
  • Missing parts
  • Broken switches and/or buttons
  • Broken camera, keyboard, speaker, microphone, etc.
  • Faulty SIM card reader or charger slot
  • Faulty software
Faulty display:
  • Broken display/screen
  • Broken touchscreen
  • Screen burn-in
  • Blank screen
Unfit for repair:
  • Broken motherboard (PCB), significant physical damage (e.g. the phone is in two pieces)
No power:
  • Will not switch on
  • Does not start fully (will not charge, idles when switched on)
  • Badly damaged (entire screen is lacking, in-built battery has swollen)
Activation Lock Removal Guide
It is possible to deactivate Activation Lock in 2 possible ways: remotely (from other device going to or from device itself.
Remotely: go to and sign in to your iCloud account using your email and password. Then go to:
  1. "Find My Phone"
  3. Choose device which you want to erase from you iCloud account.
  4. Then choose "Erase iPhone/iPad/iPod".
  5. Confirm and insert your password.
From your device choose:
  1. "Settings"
  2. "Your Name" or "iCloud"
  3. "Sign out"
  4. "Delete account"
Once you have removed iCloud, you have to erase all data and information remaining:
  1. "Settings"
  2. "General"
  3. Choose "Erase all content and settings"
  4. Enter your passcode again and select "Erase iPhone/iPad/iPod"
Surface damage (e.g. scratches) and ordinary wear and tear do not affect the price payable for mobile phones. Redeem Nordics OÜ is not liable for the condition of the mobile phones or accessories it receives.
Redeem Nordics OÜ also accepts mobile phone batteries, battery chargers and other accessories, but these do not affect the amount payable for the mobile phones.
The Client is responsible for fulfilling obligations arising from third-party contracts connected to the mobile phones being sold or redeemed or from debts existing outside of the contract. It is the Client’s obligation to terminate all contracts associated with the mobile phone in question prior to submitting the mobile phone to Redeem Nordics OÜ. Deletion of data from the mobile phone prior to it being sold to Redeem Nordics OÜ is at the Client’s responsibility.
4. Redemption contract and fulfilment of transaction
If the Client wishes to sell their mobile phones or to submit them for redemption, the Client is obliged to fill in a Redemption Contract form and padded returns envelope. The Client fills in the data required on the Redemption Contract form and returns it along with the mobile phones being submitted in the padded returns envelope to Redeem Nordics OÜ.
The Redemption Contract is binding on both parties once the Client has filled in and submitted the Redemption Contract and a representative of Redeem Nordics OÜ has accepted the Redemption Contract and the mobile phones forming the object of the transaction. In such a case the Redemption Contract enters force.
When accepting a Redemption Package, Redeem Nordics OÜ first opens the package, then assesses the condition of the mobile phones being submitted for re-use and finally transfers the amount according to the condition of the mobile phones to the bank account indicated in the Client’s Redemption Contract in the manner described hereunder. Redeem Nordics OÜ has the right to document events in the way it deems fit.
Redeem Nordics OÜ has the right to unilaterally withdraw from the Redemption Contract if the items being submitted were damaged prior to the transfer of risk of accidental damage or destruction to Redeem Nordics OÜ or the Redemption Contract has been filled in contrary to instructions.
The Client fulfils their obligation to transfer the items arising from the Redemption Contract once they have handed the package over to the person or company delivering it. Redeem Nordics OÜ gains the rights to the entire contents of the package regardless of the amount or quality of the items.
5. Price and payments
Once Redeem Nordics OÜ has verified the make, model and condition of the mobile phones, the purchase price which Redeem Nordics OÜ is prepared to pay for the mobile phones is calculated. The purchase price depends on the price payable on the website and the condition of the mobile phones, as described in point 3.
Payment takes place via bank transfer to the settlement account indicated by the Client in the Redemption Contract. The account number must be indicated in the Redemption Contract and it must be a settlement account of a bank operating in the Republic of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or Finland and account must belong to the Client.
Redeem Nordics OÜ shall pay for a mobile phone within 48 hours of the moment it is tested by our experts. Payment here means that the bank transfer or payment order is sent from Redeem Nordics OÜ to the Client. As confirmation of payment, the Client receives an e-mail indicating the make, model, condition and price of the mobile phones.
Redeem Nordics OÜ undertakes to handle as required all mobile phones submitted to it even if the Client is not paid for a mobile phone due to it being in poor condition or having no sales value. Redeem Nordics OÜ does not return mobile phones to the sender if the Redemption Contract is duly fulfilled by both parties.
6. Privacy Policy
Redeem take data protection very seriously and we do everything in our power to ensure your data is handled and processed securely. If you would like to know more about what data we hold on you, how your data is handled and how to have your data removed from our systems, click here to go to our Privacy Policy.
7. Misconduct and prevention of misconduct
Redeem Nordics OÜ notifies the relevant authorities of all cases of fraud, attempts to commit offences and other illegal activities. In the event of a crime or other illegal activity being committed or in order to prevent a crime or other illegal activity from being committed, Redeem Nordics OÜ may submit data to the relevant registry. Redeem Nordics OÜ has the right to inform the police of offences, fraud and the handling of stolen goods.
Redeem Nordics OÜ has the right to provide police officers with required information regarding transactions that have been performed or cancelled and to grant the police access to the client register of Redeem Nordics OÜ.
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